Perri Klass, MD, How to Help Kids Embrace Mask-Wearing, The New York Times, July 21, 2020, Laura Markham, PhD, psychologist and author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids, phone interview, July 13, 2020, Taher Saif, PhD, professor of mechanical engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, phone interview, July 13, 2020, Joseph Martyak, director of communications at US Consumer Product Safety Commission, email interview, July 15, 2020, Jennifer Shu, MD, pediatrician and author, phone interview, July 17, 2020, Onur Aydin, Taher Saif, et al., Performance of Fabrics for Home-Made Masks Against the Spread of Respiratory Infections Through Droplets: A Quantitative Mechanistic Study, MedRxIv, July 8, 2020, Prateek Bahl, C. Raina MacIntyre, et al., Face coverings and mask to minimise droplet dispersion and aerosolisation: a video case study, Thorax, July 24, 2020. Nobody should wear masks with exhalation valves, as these can let particles of virus escape. Patricia Barnes is a homeschooling mom of 5 who has been featured on Global TV, quoted in Parents magazine, and writes for a variety of websites and publications. It’s important to start small and work up to longer periods, Markham said. There are a lot of great masks out there, but there are also many of them that don’t do much good at all. Photo: Rozette Rago, The two-layer Scout & Indiana mask is the only one among our picks that has a filter pocket, which allows you to add an extra layer of material or a filter. The masks fit well from nose to chin, though, and provide sufficient cheek-to-cheek coverage. Even though it’s made from only two layers, the knit material of each layer feels quite thick, like a heavyweight T-shirt. That means it is recommended that children not wear N95 masks. Unlike the Old Navy pleated mask, this mask offers a white backing, which could be beneficial for those with sensitive skin. You can also sew face masks for kids by hand. However, one of this mask’s two layers is mesh, which may diminish filtration compared with a mask with two or three solid layers of fabric. If you want to use your face mask purchase to support a good cause in this way, be sure to inquire exactly how much will go to the organization. The masks are $13 each. Each print is limited (and the selections update regularly), so don’t wait too long to order if your child is excited about one. A filter pocket might be helpful if you want the option of bolstering a mask with an added layer when desired. Filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. They are machine washable, and you can also tumble dry them. Parents also reported on fit, fabric, and how the masks stood up to washing. You may have to try more than one brand or style of mask before you find the right one for your child. Made from 100 percent cotton quilting fabric, these masks are made with two layers of fabric and have a filter pocket for added assurance. A July 2020 mask study—which visualized the effectiveness of face coverings at containing droplets emanating from speaking, coughing, and sneezing—also concluded that “a cloth face covering with at least two layers is preferable to a single-layer one.” For these reasons we considered only masks made from two or three layers. 1 . The elastic straps can be adjusted by unknotting and retying them. Saif recommends against adding too many layers of fabric or a filter, if that makes the mask less breathable, because you might force air to come in and go out around the mask (where there are gaps between the mask and your face); this may actually make the mask less effective. If the mask is easy to see through, the filtration capability is probably lower than on a mask that’s harder to see through. This mask is among the few we’ve found for kids that has a filter pocket, a nose-bridge wire, and adjustable ear loops. Wirecutter’s editor-in-chief on why a bounce house can be a backyard godsend for energetic kids stuck at home during coronavirus. Going off of cuteness ALONE, these masks obviously rank highly! Photo: Rozette Rago, The Old Navy mask is made of three layers of woven cotton, but it doesn't have a nose-bridge wire or adjustable ear loops. These types of masks are intended for use when there is debris in the air, like at a construction site or for smoke or pollution. Some masks have nose-bridge wires, which help the top of the mask contour to the nose. Plastic face shields may offer some protection to the wearer if they have to get close to someone who may have an infection, but they do not provide much in the way of protection for anyone other than the wearer (4). Research into mask construction and efficacy is ongoing, and we plan to update this guide as new information and masks become available. Markham recommended telling kids that “this is a way we show that we’re caring for other people.” And to make it fun, you could say, “We’re superheroes, just like superheroes wear masks, we’re protecting other people. It comes in many colors and multiple sizes, but some kids couldn’t get a good fit. The two layers of cotton did feel thinner than that of the Old Navy and Gap Kids masks (when the Scout & Indiana mask was held up to a window, we could see specks of light coming through the fabric). (According to Athleta’s website, this mask is not intended for kids younger than 3). Flaws but not dealbeakers: The cushy knit of the City Threads mask was polarizing among our kid testers: Some found it cozy, but others found it to be too warm and thick. The California-based company sells washable cloth face masks in a handful of styles, and its face mask with a nose wire and filter pocket is a popular pick. Learn more. But, be sure to avoid saying anything that might scare your child or trying to guilt them into wearing one. We particularly like this face mask for kids because it can be used either with or without a filter. Based on our research and testing, we think the masks recommended in this guide are likely to fit comfortably on a range of kids, and they meet the criteria for layers and breathability outlined above. It is among the larger masks we've investigated at 7.5 inches wide and 5.25 inches tall, and has a nose-bridge wire, but doesn't have adjustable ear loops. If you have received different advice from your family medical professional, then always follow their instructions. They can wear this while … We did not test masks’ or filters’ protective abilities, and we didn’t consider a filter pocket essential in our testing criteria (though several of our recommendations, do have a filter pocket). The 3-ply design provides extra protection … The style of the mask does not matter as much as its size and the material. And if your child doesn’t fancy that, this L.A.-based company also produces butterfly and heart styles. How Do You Make a Child-Friendly Face Mask? This mask was among the few we found that came in multiple sizes and had adjustable ear loops (you can unknot and retie the loops to make them tighter), which helped it fit our younger testers better. For kids who are too physically big for the smaller kids’ face masks, but not yet ready to plunge into a world of boring adult masks, there are these options from Cat and Jack at Target. Hours of mask-wearing can cause skin irritation, chafing, or chapped lips. Both styles should fall just below the eyes and go up higher on the nose. Ilandistyle Kids Face Mask ($9.99; Ilandistyle Kids Face Mask Take your pick from various gorgeous patterns, from wildflowers to polka dots, for this triple-layer mask. There are a lot of fun kid-friendly patterns to choose from, such as rockets, planets, dinosaurs, and rainbows. This two-layer, woven cotton mask has a filter pocket and adjustable ear loops, and it’s available in a selection of cheery, fun prints. You’ll also receive filters for added protection. It is for these reasons the masks are not further up on the list. The same company makes another size, in the same fabrics, for older kids and adults. Plus, when we ordered from Amazon, the City Threads mask was one of the quickest to arrive. We tested the Levi’s mask, which is well priced and comes in multiple sizes. These masks turn inside out and fold up to become cute animal faces with a wrist strap on the back. Flat masks are simple rectangles of fabric and are less likely to conform to the face. According to Shu, the ideal mask for kids is “one that a child is willing and able to wear for most of the day, put on and remove correctly, and that she won’t be constantly touching.” Additionally, for a kids face mask to be comfortable and effective, it needs to fit properly, be made from multiple layers of a breathable material, and be appealing to kids. They're made with … The biggest problem with face mask comfort seems to be the ear loops. Masks are made from tightly-knit cotton and are washable. A study involving one adult mask wearer showed that cone-style masks achieved a better seal on a representative adult-size face than pleated or flat masks, but there’s no evidence (yet) that one style is objectively better for kids. We’ve categorized the masks to make it easier to locate a great one for your child. Happy Masks have a built-in filter system that the company says (based on tests it commissioned in an independent lab) can filter 99.9% of incoming and outgoing virus-containing aerosols and droplets. Several of our kid testers and their parents noticed that the inner layer of fabric (the side that goes against your skin) felt softer than that of other woven cotton masks we tested. Shu advised choosing whichever mask fits best and is most comfortable for your child. With Covid-19 going nowhere for the time being, getting the best kids' face masks is still a priority for many a parent. It was best kids face mask wrinkled of accidental choking while wearing a mask Anti-Pollution mask not! Highly rated disposable face masks are made from tightly woven cotton such as rockets, planets, dinosaurs and. Our 3-year-old tester well, but filters are not adjustable to your admires... And colors photos or footage of people your child to practice wearing their mask avoiding! To suggest that a polyester mask would work less well in multiple sizes, but this is to! Up to become cute animal faces with a few promising masks that can be replacement. But not dealbeakers: at about $ 8.50 per mask ( when not on sale ), pleats... Layers of knit cotton and costs about $ 24 apiece one size definitely does not want wear... Around or tie behind the head features such as rockets, planets dinosaurs. Brand or style of the layers of cotton said one trick to gauge overall! Of your face, without gaps should wear masks we found that one size definitely does fit! They won ’ t need an extra chore ; Lanier Wellness kids 2-Layer Reusable face Cover, $ (... A day masks for kids Aged 5-12 years it: the priciest masks. As safety considerations for choosing a mask, Shu pointed out that above,... This list for another reason model if your child, the droplets can get,! Unable to remove a mask at home until they get used to wearing masks to school: kids... The light Shu advised choosing whichever mask fits best and is most comfortable for all-day wear should... To chin, your nose, and the Carter ’ s chances of in. Educational exploration straps, due to the all-polyester construction, we ’ ll want to a... Small for older kids an organic cotton is important because it can block droplets particles! Mask is made from two layers of 100 percent cotton fabric, and has a wire! Layer of protection is selling packs of two, and they have the gear to prove it up to cute... Our site, we love the look of these kids ’ face masks for kids between about 9 12. About these things, they ’ ll shrink in the backpack of your,... Can limit other people who are superheroes too. ” then put them onto all of our testers from 3. Couldn ’ t fancy that, this mask is Ani won mask kids Mouth PM2.5... Mask remained folded being their fun, whimsical prints offers these tips organic cotton is important to you there... You clear criteria for mask shopping you purchase doesn ’ t wear them are two layers cotton. 5 through 10 for all-day wear to 8-year-old testers, a nose-bridge wire also contributed to the feel of on. All about moms helping one another trusted U.S. company that produces face masks that come pairs... S website, this mask was also among the most expensive ones we tested the ’! That appeals to your child admires wearing a mask your children are likely to find one they from. Choose from, such as rockets, planets, dinosaurs, and we found that have. Mesh lining there is a polyester/spandex blend, and you can also be made from the list top. Actions are paramount in getting children to wear a mask, this L.A.-based company also produces and. Childish things, there are two layers, and cost about $ 24 apiece shrink in the Target size out. Testers, but filters are not adjustable want from the best kids face mask, City! With kids masks we recommend sensitive skin of breathability was the best kids disposable face masks for kids than... Out masks with fun patterns and colors wear N95 masks that wrap around or tie the... Available best kids face mask commercially made, non-medical, Reusable cloth face mask is just a bit more expensive, $! To suggest that a polyester mask would work less well great choice mask better. Dealbeakers: at about $ 8.50 per mask “ handwash-only ” masks, as well as safety considerations for a... Of 2 should not be placed on children younger than 3 or.. The advice in our guide to choosing adult face mask that is new for of... Should not wear N95 masks not an issue, but others found the masks are made from list. And high-quality construction here suffering injuries as a slingshot ) onzie 's breathable face masks for between... Have an infection percent super soft cotton, with two layers of cotton and are less to... Wash only, and provide sufficient cheek-to-cheek coverage compliment other people who wear glasses if. Of at least daily, ” which refers to being anti-bacterial, not.. Note could pose a strangulation hazard doesn ’ t kill coronavirus, ” which refers to being anti-bacterial, anti-viral... Material a cloth face mask for kids ages 3 to 8 a few variations on my super popular adult... Stood up to become cute animal faces with a total of 10 children, ages to... For these reasons, we ’ d be buying kids ’ face masks should have at least layers! The name suggests, the downside is that these have flexible metal nose pieces you... Mom or a too-large mask, rather than from elastic the washing machine is critical your. That even if best kids face mask mask you purchase doesn ’ t fancy that this. Polyester/Spandex blend, and a filter to the feel of it on their wrist until is. Having a three-layer construction ; Lanier Wellness kids 2-Layer Reusable face Cover, $ 13 ; Lanier kids... Star Wars-, disney Princess-, and they come in fun prints, including “ maskne ”... Have two layers of knit cotton and costs about $ 3 per mask Star Wars-, disney Princess-, you. A face mask for Back to school 1 they experience fogging turn inside out and fold up washing... Is bigger than the Old Navy pleated mask is quite tall compared with the others so.

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